Registration and Abstract Submission

Registration fee:

The registration fee is 300 TL= 48.36 EUR=53.69 USD for a researcher or academician and 150 TL= 24.18 EUR=26.84 USD for a student (PhD or MS); the student is asked to bring the corresponding justification paper to the workshop registration desk. The registration fee can be paid via the bank transfer before September 1, 2019, follow, please, this page instruction, or in cash in TL at the registration desk upon your arrival to the workshop.

In case you need an official money receipt for the registration fee paid, we ask you to make the registration fee payment in advance via the bank transfer only. We will not provide any money receipt at the registration desk table. We kindly ask you to write at least: “Workshop registration fee” and the name of the participant in the description of the operation. The official receipt will be generated by us automatically. If you need additional details to see on the official receipt, please, contact us on this subject additionally.

We provide the accurate value of the registration fee payment following the currency conversion provided by the Open Exchange Rates (UK) Limited, the currency details stated on
The currency rates are updated each time you visit the webpage. You can pay either the fixed amount in Turkish Liras or in the currency chosen using the sum updated.

Abstract submission:

If it is your first-time access to the abstract submission system, please, create an account using the form below. You will have a possibility to manage or edit your abstract as many times as you wish; do not forget to submit the changes each time. If you have finished editing your abstract, you need to finalize your submission, so the Scientific Organising Committee will start reading the finalized abstract and notify you whether it is accepted or not.

You can finalize all your submissions using the My Profile menu. All submissions will be considered as finalized after the deadline.

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