Wednesday, 4 of September

9:00-9:20Welcome addresses
Session “Dynamics of Small Bodies” (Section I)
Chairman: Daniel Hestroffer
9:20-10:05Christoph Lhotka
Graz, Austria
Dynamics of Charged Dust
in the Solar System
10:05-10:30Vladislav Sidorenko
Moscow, Russia
More on Properties of
Retrograde 1:1 Mean Motion
Resonance (Part I)
11:00-11:20Sergey Efimov
Dolgoprudny, Russia
Secular Dynamics of
Resonant Kuiper Belt
Objects: Lidov-Kozai Cycles
and Adiabatic Chaos
11:20-11:45Vladislav Sidorenko
Moscow, Russia
More on Properties of
Retrograde 1:1 Mean Motion
Resonance (Part II)
Session “Dynamics of Small Bodies” (Section II)
Chairman: Siegfried Eggl
13:30-14:00Dmitrii Vavilov
St. Petersburg, Russia
Interstellar Dust Erosion
Made ’Oumuamua Elongated
14:00-14:30Rudolf Dvorak
Vienna, Austria
Families of comets in
extra-solar planetary systems
14:30-15:00Dmitrii Vavilov
St. Petersburg, Russia
Why are so many comets
shaped like peanuts?
15:30-15:55Anatoliy Ivantsov
Antalya, Turkey
Prediction Accuracy of PHA’s
Close Approaches with the
15:55-16:20Dmitrii Vavilov
St. Petersburg, Russia
The Partial Banana Mapping
Method for Impact
Probability Computation
16:25-19:00Optional excursion to Duden waterfalls in Antalya

Thursday, 5 of September

Session “Sky Surveys from Space and from the Ground
Chairman: Anatoliy Ivantsov
9:00-9:45Daniel Hestroffer
Paris, France
Gaia Mission General
News and Science
of Solar System Objects
9:45-10:30Siegfried Eggl
Seattle, the USA
Taking Inventory of the
Solar System with the
11:00-11:45William Thuillot
Paris, France
The New Asteroids
Detected by Gaia
Session “Observations of Small Bodies” (Section I)
Chairman: Christoph Lhotka
13:30-14:15Alberto Cellino
Pino Torinese, Italy
Asteroid Polarimetry:
Recent Achievements and
Open Problems
14:15-14:40Irek Khamitov
Antalya, Turkey
Spectroscopic and
Polarimetric Investigations
of NEAs at RTT150
14:40-15:00Xiaoguang Yu
Kunming, China
A Method of Improving the
Quality and Efficiency of
Spectral Observation
15:40-19:00Optional excursion to Antalya museum or Antalya
19:00Workshop dinner

Friday, 6 of September

Session “Observations of Small Bodies” (Section II)
Chairman: Alberto Cellino
9:00-9:30Volkan Bakış
Antalya, Turkey
Performance of Akdeniz
University Telescopes
9:30-10:00Xiangming Cheng
Kunming, China
The Asteroid Observation
System in Daocheng
10:00-10:30Yigong Zhang
Kunming, China
Astrometric Observations
of the NEAs Using Image
Shifting and Stacking
11:00-11:20Oleksandr Kozhukhov
Kyiv, Ukraine
Observations of NEOs at the
Facilities of State Space
Agency of Ukraine
11:20-11:45Anton Pomazan
Shanghai, China
Research Objectives and
Observational Possibilities
for Fast Moving Near-Earth
Session “Observations of Small Bodies” (Section III)
Chairman: William Thuillot
13:30-14:00Na Wang
Guangzhou, China
A Distortion Solution of
the Bok Telescope
14:00-14:30Yücel Kılıç
Antalya, Turkey
A-Track: a Tool for
Detecting Moving
Objects from
Astronomical Images
14:30-15:00Zhenjun Zhang
Kunming, China
A Fast Point-Pattern
Matching Algorithm
Based on a Statistical
15:30-16:00General discussion & workshop closure
16:00-18:00Optional excursion by cableway to the Tünek
mountain summit