The “Programme and Book of Abstracts” is available for download.

The workshop participants provide their presentations below in order to make them available to the broader audience. We kindly ask you to cite the corresponding presentations following the next template:

Author(s) (2019, September). Presentation title. Talk presented at the workshop “Dynamics and physics of asteroids, TNOs and natural satellites in the new era of Gaia data”, Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey. Retrieved from

Cellino, A. (2019, September). Asteroid Polarimetry: Recent Achievements and Open Problems

Efimov, S., Sidorenko, V. (2019, September). Secular Dynamics of Resonant Kuiper Belt Objects: Lidov-Kozai Cycles and Adiabatic Chaos Plot-1 Plot-2 Plot-3 Kuiper

Ivantsov, A., Hestroffer, D., Thuillot, W., Desmars, J., David, P. (2019, September). Prediction Accuracy of PHA’s Close Approaches with the Earth

Hestroffer, D. (2019, September). Gaia Mission General News and Science of Solar System Objects

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Pomazan, A., Tang, Zh.-H., Tang, K., Maigurova, N., Yu, Y. (2019, September). Research objectives and observational possibilities for fast moving near-Earth asteroids